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Abercrombie & Fitch

Est. 1892

The A&F Lifestyle
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This community is for the people who love Abercrombie & Fitch, it's open to guys & girls.

The community does have a closed membership. And that's because we don't want people who hate Abercrombie to come in here and start fights with the people who are here because they actually like the clothing.
All you need to do to join is click the "Join This Community" link above and it will send an email to me. I'll check out your journal and then you will be added as I'm not very picky on who is allowed in.

01. Do not make an entry thats off topic.
02. Do not make an entry that says "I really want some friends, add me!" thats annoying.
03. You can advertise other communities here, as long as its in some way related. Like clothes, shopping, etc. No fan sites.
04. Respect everybody else, or you'll be banned.
05. If you post pictures, please keep them on subject and put them in an LJ-CUT always.

*If you have a community that you'd like us to list, make sure its somehow related & let us know. If we list you, you have to list us back*

maintained by; jellorocks

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