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Recently, I bought those adorable legwarmers from abercrombie kids.

i guess they come in one size; i wore them for the first time to school yesterday with a denim skirt and they kept falling all the way down to my ankles everytime i walked. are they supposed to be that way or are they supposed to be worn over jeans or are my legs just too skinny? it's driving me nuts. i wore them below the knee and they kept falling so i wore them all the way up and they still fell.

i'm thinking of buying a new pair, but i don't want to make the same mistake.
does anybody know how i should wash them too? i don't want to just throw them into the washer and then get them all misshapen. i didn't pay twenty five dollars for nothing.

also, another thing. i'm going to order a pair of skinny jeans from abercrombie kids but i'm not sure which size i should go with - a 12 or a 14 slim. my two other pairs are a 14 slim but they're pretty damn long and i had to get them altered.

i'm short, around 5'0", hopefully 5'1". my waist is 24 inches and i have 29 inch hips. does anyone know the inseam for the size 12 jeans? because i can't find it anywhere. -_-

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