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sale sale sale [09 Dec 2011|07:10am]


In all sizes brand named used and new clothing

Items include bench hoodies

lulu lemon bottoms

Guess tops

And more

Under the link



Also hco tops and AnF Tops all size xs to M they all fit like a small though

Each one is 10$ or buy all 18 for 150 plus shipping

Under the link


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ABERCROMBIE SALE [24 Aug 2011|12:09am]


A&F sweaters starting bid at $1.99
Sweaters, tanks, tees, and more. Please view my other items.
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[04 Dec 2007|01:53am]

hoping someone can help me.

my boyfriend really wants this coat from abercrombie & fitch.
problem is, i went to pick it up today, and they discontinued the sale of it.

does anyone know where i could possibly find it.
i checked all the stores, basically in michigan. none of them are carrying it anymore.

or is anyone selling this coat?

it was approxamitly $200
mens, navy blue with a fur hood.

pleaseeee help.<3
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Cheap [07 Nov 2007|12:41am]

Hi, I'm selling replica bags(Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, and inspired Balenciaga). I'm also selling Abercrombie&Fitch, American Eagle, Juicy Couture, and Hollister. Check it out. Thank you :]
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[26 Sep 2007|09:42pm]

Coach Replica purse
$35 shipped

email if interested nopiluvinchic@yahoo.com

Bigger pic under cut

*ive also updated my LJ with more stuff!*

Read more...Collapse )
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BRAND NEW ABERCROMBIE SWEATS!!! [23 Jun 2007|12:25pm]

hey guys, i'm giving away my abercrombie sweats on ebay. brand new, still in the package from when i ordered them, tags are still on.

i put the auction up for REALLY cheap and i got them for 50 bucks so my loss is your gain!
check it outtt!


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[25 Apr 2007|07:38pm]


My EBAY auctions!
starting at $4.99

a&f 2 tee lot


ae lot xs

Trades Welcome at wendy_sells
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[24 Mar 2007|10:32am]

Hollister track pants
size M
pic under cut
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[13 Mar 2007|07:17pm]

A&F jeans size 4
$25 shipped
Pic on my lj
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[06 Feb 2007|09:20pm]


join since1892
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[29 Jan 2007|09:52pm]


32 A&F Icons and 5 FO Banners.




CREDIT TO calisuntanndbby.

FIND THEM @ suntannd &/OR smudgestick
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question [26 Jan 2007|05:36pm]


i happen 2 like abercrombie as well as other grls. but the other grls think they can still wear abercrombie kids when they have 2 wear a & f. what is ur opinion on girls wearing abercrombie kids when they should be wearing a & f?

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abercrombie jeans... [27 Dec 2006|05:27pm]

does ANYONE know anything about abercrombie making new flare-fit jeans for their spring lines...?

or hco, for that matter...?
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New Community [20 Dec 2006|02:58pm]


Check out my new community, and add us!

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Hottays... <3 [11 Nov 2006|05:30pm]

[ mood | content ]

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Hey... [11 Nov 2006|01:31am]

So, hey...

I pretty much wear Abercrombie Kids all the time... thats basically the only brand of clothing that I wear...

My stats:
Size 14 Slim in pants/jeans/etc.
Size Medium in shirts

Thats at Abercrombie Kids

At A&F I wear
00 in jeans/pan
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[10 Nov 2006|11:54am]

Recently, I bought those adorable legwarmers from abercrombie kids.

i guess they come in one size; i wore them for the first time to school yesterday with a denim skirt and they kept falling all the way down to my ankles everytime i walked. are they supposed to be that way or are they supposed to be worn over jeans or are my legs just too skinny? it's driving me nuts. i wore them below the knee and they kept falling so i wore them all the way up and they still fell.

i'm thinking of buying a new pair, but i don't want to make the same mistake.
does anybody know how i should wash them too? i don't want to just throw them into the washer and then get them all misshapen. i didn't pay twenty five dollars for nothing.

also, another thing. i'm going to order a pair of skinny jeans from abercrombie kids but i'm not sure which size i should go with - a 12 or a 14 slim. my two other pairs are a 14 slim but they're pretty damn long and i had to get them altered.

i'm short, around 5'0", hopefully 5'1". my waist is 24 inches and i have 29 inch hips. does anyone know the inseam for the size 12 jeans? because i can't find it anywhere. -_-

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[10 Nov 2006|05:07pm]


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[05 Nov 2006|12:49pm]

i'm looking for a pair of the sarah cross-stich jeans in a size 8 (unless a size 6 has a 32" - 33" waist measurement. =/) .. i've checked ebay, but either run out of luck on the auction or they are all the wrong size... does anyone happen to know of a place where i can get them...?

by the by, a friend of mine recently went shopping at the closest a&f & found some great jeans with a pintuck wash down the front of the calf... i can't find them on the website, as the only pair similar seems to be some of those horrible skinny jeans. have they come out with new styles that haven't been added to the website yet?
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Anyone want to buy this from me? [17 Oct 2006|12:34pm]

Abercrombie and Fitch Candace JacketCollapse )
If you give me a good offer I'll sell it to you.
Size: Small
Dry cleaned and ready to be shipped.
Perfect conditiion. Barely ever wore.
It doesn't get cold enough here in Arizona for it.
Just reply with offers, or e-mail me at.. onlysleepingin@hotmail.com
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[09 Oct 2006|11:42am]

Selling Abercrombie & Fitch Candace Fur JacketCollapse )
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Accosted by Ass at Abercrombie and Fitch [02 Oct 2006|10:59am]

[ mood | cranky ]

Worst of San Francisco and Beyond
Shame Shame we know your name! Here let us gather together a photojournal ov ze "Worst Of" ze places that suck. All complaints welcome und encouraged. Not tou say they are beyond redemption, just zat zay are beyond mein pocketboook's support und have earned ze aweird ov being poot on ze Bad Nasties Hall ov Shame shite list map. Please tou add your "fair warnings." No reason your fiends should suffer ze same bad nasties. Kak!
Bad und Nasty Hall of Shame

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erotic photos [04 Sep 2006|06:38pm]


Listen here to all songs and leave the comment and the address - I shall send the erotic photos


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[08 Aug 2006|08:18pm]

I have a pair of white A&F flip flops size 7.5 Im trying to get rid of.
paid 16.50+ tax
I will accept trades
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Abercrombie Uses Sweatshops [01 Aug 2006|03:02am]


Hey everyone, I wanted to stop in here because I also love fashion, but I've become increasingly interested in anti-sweatshop activism during the last three years, which has changed my shopping habits dramatically. Clothes are being made all over the world for stores like Target, Nordstrom, The Gap, Old Navy, Levi's, Abercrombie, American Eagle, and tons of other companies by young women for often, less than fifty cents an hour. Most of these workers aren't even making a wage they can live off of. They don't get health insurance or workman's compensation if they are hurt on the job. In many cases, the bosses are verbally, physically, and sexually abusive to their young female employees who sew the clothes we buy in the U.S. for inflated prices. There have also been cases of sweatshops forcing their employees to get abortions or holding them captive as slaves. The huge profits go to the retailers. This is wrong!
This is how sweatshops work: a brand company (like Nike) makes an offer to a subcontractor for a job they need filled. The subcontractor then finds a garment factory to fill Nike's order. Trying to bid for the jobs, the garment factories/sweatshops will compete by offering the lowest price to secure the job of making Nike shoes. The subcontractor then gives the job to the sweatshop who is willing to offer them the lowest price, even when that agreement breaks all of the laws over at the Department of Labor. The people actually sewing stuff in sweatshops are usually young immigrant women who are uneducated and don't speak English. Or they might be young women in developing nations without other job alternatives. So, they are basically forced to take jobs that pay under $2 a day.
These people make the clothes you see in Wal*Mart and Target right now. There have also been successful campaigns against DKNY and Forever 21. Both of these companies have stepped up to the plate about their responsibility to stop young women workers in sweatshops from being abused. I love fashion, but I also have ethics. So, I put together a list of companies that sell clothes, but they also are either unionized or engaging in fair trade. If you are interested in knowing more about ethical consumption, I started this community: anti_sweatshops. There really is no reason for this kind of abuse and exploitation to continue.

DeMoulin Brothers - unionized manufacturer, uniforms, formal men's wear.

Fuerza Unida - run by former Levi's workers, screened t-shirts, canvas bags.

Global Exchange's Fair Trade stores - clothing, accessories, crafts, jewelry, coffee, and chocolate.

Justice Clothing - unionized, sweatshop-free clothes.

Leather Coats Etc. - unionized.

North Country Fair Trade - fair trade manufacturers in Latin America.

No Sweat, the first international union-made brand, clothes, shoes.

Nueva Vida - a worker-owned co-op, t-shirts and camisoles.

Protexall - unionized, uniform manufacturing.

Union House - unionized, clothing.

Union Wear - unionized, clothing.

Union Jeans - unionized, denim shirts.

Fair Trade Federation

Union Mall

Just Garments

Bishopstron Trading Company - organic, fair-trade clothes.

Ethical Threads - wholesale t-shirts.

Gossypium - organic cotton, fair-trade.

Kuyichi - clothes.

Made in Dignity

People Tree - fair trade, clothes.

Sweat X - clothes, site is under construction.

Öko-Fair - fair trade, clothes.

Shop Union Made

Shop union made at UNITE!

Responsible Shopper - union made, sweatfree.

American Apparel is also sweatshop free.
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